Industry Facts


Nearly 37,000 people are employed through BC’s gaming industry,

including over 10,000 people employed by private sector gaming operators in casinos, community gaming centres, bingo centres and horse race tracks.


Gaming revenue is a more significant source of income

for the provincial budget in BC than the fuel tax, BC Hydro, the Liquor Distribution Branch, and royalties from forestry and natural gas.

  • There are 20 casinos, 16 community gaming centres and 1 bingo hall in BC.
  • Gaming facilities in the province (casinos and community gaming centres) operate over 12,700 slot machines.
  • Casino, community gaming and bingo operations generated revenue of $1.9 billion to BCLC in 2016/17, up $44 million from the previous year.
  • In fiscal 2016/17, BCLC delivered $1.34 billion in net income to the Province of British Columbia, of which ~75% was produced by casinos, community gaming centres and bingo centres. BCLC’s net income contribution is approximately 2.4% of the provincial revenue budget and helps fund health care, education and important services and programs across the province.
  • Over the last 32 years, BCLC has generated more than $20 billion in net income to fund provincial, municipal and charitable programs in BC.
  • The model for the gaming industry in BC is one of the most profitable for a provincial government in Canada. The Province of British Columbia receives approximately 53% of gross gaming revenue after deducting BCLC’s operating costs and payments to private sector gaming operators. Ontario receives about 39% and Quebec receives about 25%.
  • The Province shares gaming revenue with local governments that host casinos and community gaming centres in BC.
  • Municipalities that host gaming facilities receive a 10% share of net gaming income after commissions and BCLC operating expenses are deducted. Host Local Government (HLG) payments can fluctuate based on local market conditions, variations in operating costs and accounting.
  • $96.8 million was disbursed among 32 Host Local Governments (HLG) in 2016/17. Each host government decides how to allocate the funds.
  • Through the Community Gaming Grant program, the provincial government distributed $134.8 million of gaming revenue to approximately 5,000 charitable and community organizations in 2016/17.
  • Community gaming grants are delivered to non-profit organizations throughout BC to support arts and culture, sports for youth and people with a disability, public safety, human and social services, parent advisory councils, and district parent advisory councils.
  • In addition to community gaming grants, private sector gaming operators donated over $1.2 million directly to charitable and community organizations in 2014/15.
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