September 22, 2017

BC Gaming Industry Association Response To Minister Eby’s Announcement

The BC casino gaming industry, which includes casinos, community gaming centres, and bingo centres, has operated since 1997 under the Gaming Control Act.  Today the industry comprises 41 gaming properties with 8,300 employees across BC.

Attorney General David Eby has released a report commissioned by the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB) in September 2015 that considered the anti-money laundering practices at BC casinos.  He also announced that a review will be conducted by an independent expert that will examine whether potential issues of money laundering in casinos are being effectively addressed.

Since the report’s commission almost two years ago there has been significant progress and enhancements to AML procedures and protocols through work by casino operators, the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB) and that work continues today.

Over the last 20 years, the operating model for gambling in BC has developed into one of the strongest and most rigorously regulated in the world.   We look forward to receiving direction from the Ministry, BCLC, and GPEB on the review and the opportunity to further enhance the regulatory structure for casinos in BC.

While casinos represent only a small fraction of potential money laundering transactions, the industry takes its reporting obligations very seriously and the ongoing, real-time screening and reporting done by casinos allows FINTRAC to track and analyze these transfers and provide police with vital intelligence to aid in their investigations and enforcement actions.

The BC Gaming Industry Association (BCGIA) represents 13 of 16 private sector gaming operators that manage 38 gaming properties and generated over $1.8 billion in gaming revenue for the BC Lottery Corporation in 2016/17.  BCGIA members manage casinos, community gaming centres, bingo centres and horseracing, as well as non-gaming amenities such as food and beverage facilities, show theatres, conference centres and hotels. For more information about the BC Gaming Industry Association, please visit our website:


Media Contact:
Peter Goudron, executive director
BC Gaming Industry Association

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