BCGIA Members Excited to get going with BC’s Restart Plan

May 25th, 2021 – The BC Gaming Industry Association (BCGIA) is pleased to see the Province’s inclusion of casinos in Step 3 of BC’s Restart. The BC casino industry has now been mandated closed since March 16th, 2020, which brings us
to over 14 months. The mandated closures have had a lasting impact on workers and their families in all of our communities, in all corners of our province. Nearly 37,000 people are employed through British Columbia’s gaming, entertainment, leisure and hospitality sectors, including over 10,000 people directly employed by gaming operators in casinos, community gaming centres, bingo centres and horse racetracks. Casino, community gaming and bingo operations generated revenue of $1.347 billion to BCLC in 2019-20.

Our operators have been working hard throughout the pandemic to prepare for a safe reopening. Casinos are among the most highly regulated environments in the province and as such, are familiar with the implementation and enforcement of strict compliance requirements. A number of casino service providers that operate in BC are also currently operating safely in other Canadian jurisdictions.

All safety protocols in casinos will be adhered to, monitored and enforced by our floor staff, security and surveillance teams and casino management. Sophisticated equipment allows surveillance personnel to aid the floor staff in ensuring that patrons are complying with safety protocols. No other industry has the security, surveillance, contact tracing and oversight capabilities of the casino industry.

It has been a difficult time for our industry, our workers, and all British Columbians. We are looking forward to welcoming our patrons back to a safe environment as we begin to bring BC
back together.

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